• Healthy, Sustainable & Humanely Raised

    Pastured Poultry & Grass-Fed, Grass Finished Beef

    Locally Raised, Right Here in North Idaho

    Pastured Poultry & Grass-Fed, Grass Finished Beef
  • Sunshine and Fresh Air

    Great Tasting Pastured Poultry

    Our farming practices go well beyond the USDA Organic standards

    Great Tasting Pastured Poultry

Locally Raised Pastured Poultry, Pastured Pork, &  Grass Fed and Grass Finished Beef

When you buy pork, beef, and poultry from Cascade Creek Farm, you’ll know that your food is raised using farming practices that follow Nature’s patterns, going well beyond “organic” standards. All the animals spend their days with plenty of sunshine, fresh pasture, and room to roam.

Our mission is to sustainably produce good tasting, healthy and humanely raised food. In doing so, we will positively benefit our family, our animals, our community and the Earth through our enterprise.

On our 97-acre farm, our farming practices are a combination of organics and biodynamics, allowing us to nurture our land, as well as our animals.

  • Allowing our animals to thrive in their natural environment of fresh air, sunlight, and grassy pastures is more than just the humane way to raise them—it produces healthier animals, and healthier meat.
  • All our livestock is raised, butchered, cured and frozen without antibiotics, additives or preservatives. This is the natural way to do it, the way people did it for hundreds of years. So your meat will not only taste better, you know that every bite is healthy and good for you and your family.
  • When you buy sausage, ham or bacon, you’ll know it’s all nitrate/nitrite free, and no MSG. The seasonings are all made with Organic Spices blended to perfection!.
  • By teaming up with local farmers to grow organic grains, and grains grown with no pesticides or herbicides, we support local business and reduce fuel consumption—and help keep our Earth clean.

We are proud to be stewards of our patch of earth, and we strive to improve it.