Grass-Finished beef tastes so good, you’ll never settle for less again!

Our Angus Cross beef cattle are a big part of our animal family. All our cattle are exclusively grass fed, happily roaming our transitional Organic pastures, grazing on grass to their hearts’ content—while fertilizing the hay fields at the same time!

The taste of grass-fed and finished beef is so superior to grain-fed, you’ll have to taste it to believe it. And more than just tasting fantastic, grass-finished beef is lower in cholesterol and saturated fat. It’s the healthiest beef you can eat! For more information check out

All our beef is Pasture-Finished, giving it better taste, tenderness, and marbling.  For this reason, we have a limited butchering season – basically June through October.  And of course, our cattle receive absolutely no artificial hormones or antibiotics.

You can now get our tasty All Beef German Sausages! Each 1/4 Pound “Dog” is made with Organic Spices, contains NO nitrites/nitrates/MSG/fillers/wheat, making these delicious sausages are great for grilling or a fixing quick meal. They are available On-Farm and with all Custom Beef.  All Beef Hot Dogs and Summinger Sausage made with our own spices are also available when you purchase Custom Beef by the Quarter, Half or Whole.

Beef is available by the Cut, Quarter, Half, and Whole.