Pastured Poultry Tastes Great and is Good for You!

At Cascade Creek Farm, our farming practices go well beyond the USDA Organic standards. Once they have feathered out and are able to go outside, our meat chickens grow up chasing bugs and moving to fresh grass every day.  Even when they are not ready to be outside, they love the fresh grass clipping we supply them with each spring!  Fresh air and sunshine makes all the difference in health and flavor.

(USDA standards only require that “free-roaming chickens” have access to a small door in their building for one hour a day. Not exactly “free” or “roaming” in our book!)

Big, healthy, active birds mean delicious chicken which tastes good and is good for you.  Simmer the bones to make an extra meal or two of broth or soup.  The flavor of these birds is out of this world.

Available for deposit in late winter each year, our pastured broilers are available to pick up in late July or early August.  Join our “FarmMail” newsletter so you are alerted when they are available for deposit – they sell out quickly!