Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy “organically” raised meat?

Because it tastes incredible! Aside from all the other benefits—to you, your family, the animals themselves, and the environment—organically raised meat simply tastes better than anything conventionally raised and processed. Because we follow Nature’s patterns, our animals eat, graze and live like they would in the wild—which makes for delicious meat. Why settle for less? Enjoy the best tasting food you can!

Isn’t it a lot more expensive?

Not necessarily. You may not spend more overall, because you’ll probably eat less. Organically raised meat is a lot more filling, because we don’t feed our animals any fillers, or use any fillers (like water) to make the packages weigh more—and cost more. So you may find that you’re actually spending about the same.

What does “Organic” really mean?

For the USDA definition of “organic”, see USDA Standards

Unfortunately, we are not happy with that definition. We feel that the definition and USDA Certification are watered down, so we made a bold decision: we’re not USDA Certified. Since we feel that their standards are far too low, it wouldn’t affect our practices in any way; but if we did become certified, the fees are so high it would substantially drive up the cost of our meat.

At Cascade Creek Farm, our farming practices go well beyond the USDA Organic standards. For example, our chickens are truly free-roaming. They have access to 50+ acres, whenever they feel the need for a little fresh air and sunshine! (USDA standards only require that “free-roaming chickens” have access to a small door in their hutch for one hour a day. Not exactly “free” or “roaming” in our book!)

How do your animals live?

On pasture! All of them! Cattle, chickens, and pigs (Yes, pigs! Pigs don’t live in pens unless forced to. They like to run around on pasture too.) all roam our 97-acre farm, enjoying the good life: fresh air; sunshine; fresh, green organically-raised grass; organic feed when they need it; clean well water to drink; living in natural family groups, in their natural environments. All this makes for happy animals and healthful meat, when their time comes.

How do you *gulp* slaughter your animals?

With reverence and respect. We only work with butchers who understand our respect for our animals, and respect our belief that their meat is a gift to us and you.