Pigs on Hiatus…

cropped pastured piggies

While we have enjoyed raising hogs over the past twelve or thirteen years, we have decided to take a vacation from having them on the farm.  With kids leaving for college, meaning less help around here, we need to see how the work load settles out.  It would be awesome to find an apprentice who would like to take on the pastured pork endeavor – if you know anyone, send them our way!

In the meantime, contact us if you’re looking for pastured pork and we’ll send along the contact information we currently have available to us.  We work with some of these folks to offer our nitrite/nitrate/msg/wheat/filler free sausage spices and bacon/ham cure if you so desire.

Pleased piggies on pasture describes our hogs. Pasturing hogs allows them to root, roll, wallow, and graze—the way Nature made them—producing leaner, healthier and more delicious pork.

With constant access to clean water, Certified Organic grains, and local grains grown without pesticides/herbicides, the pigs grow up strong and healthy. With our own breeding stock, we know where our pigs come from, and how they’ve been treated.

Sows birth their piglets comfortably and naturally, without restrictive crates. They nurse the piglets longer than conventionally-raised pigs, giving the piglets extra strength and vigor.

As with the growing of our hogs, all our butchering, curing and freezing is done without additives or preservatives.


For the seasonings in the Breakfast ( now available in links as well ), Sage and Chorizo Sausage, you’ll get organic spices, and, of course, no nitrites/nitrates or MSG.

The Old-Fashioned Cure for bacon and hams has a hint of maple and organic ingredients—also completely nitrite/nitrate free.

Check our our newest addition – A medium Italian Sausage! Available in German-sized “Dogs” and bulk, this tasty sausage is also completely nitrite/nitrate/MSG free.