Cascade Creek Farm products can be purchased in several different ways. Custom Grass-Fed Beef and Pastured Poultry are available directly from the farm. Beef and Pork cuts are available on–farm, for delivery, and through Six Rivers Market in Sandpoint. Call or contact us to arrange for a delivery in Bonners Ferry, Sandpoint, or Coeur d’Alene.

Custom Grass-Fed Beef is generally available for deposit in late Winter.  We generally sell out during the summer. Custom Pastured Poultry is generally available for deposit in late Winter as well. The chickens sell out very quickly.

Beef and Pork Cuts are available year-round, although the inventory varies throughout the year.

The best way to know when Beef and Chicken are available for deposit is to be on our FarmMail email list. We send out 6-8 FarmMail Newsletters a year with news from the farm, availability, and recipes.